Currently Trending: Local Food in BC this Summer

Due to a growing population, both food growth production and transport are becoming increasingly unsustainable worldwide1. Furthermore, climate change continues to impact food growing regions, increasing the importance to protect local agricultural production for long term food security1. The agricultural and food sector carbon footprint could be significantly reduced with local food production, but every year British Columbians continue to rely on over $2 billion of imported fruits, vegetables and other products from California1. So while B.C. continues to rely heavily on imported food, it is increasingly important to stay local, and more sustainable this summer. 

So what’s hot, and local, this season? 

Currently trending this summer, we are looking at some up and coming products, and some classic returns. 

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Cauliflower
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries etc.) 

Local fruit and vegetables can be found at any farmer’s market. Popular farmer’s markets include Granville Island Market, Kitsilano’s Farmer Market, and West End Farmer’s Market2. If the farmer’s market is a little too far, any Buy BC logo in the grocery store will also do the trick.  

Meat and Dairy 

  • Plant based proteins
  • Dairy free ice cream 

Trending with the new release of the Canadian Health Food Guide, plant based eating is all the rage this summer. Local vegan plant based companies include Daiya, based in Vancouver3, and Gardein4 and Left Coast Naturals5, both based in Burnaby. Local vegan ice cream includes Umaluma Dairy Free Gelato6, Earnest ice cream7, and Rain or Shine ice cream8, all local favourites. 


  • Plant based milks 
  • Coffee based cocktails
  • CBD infused products

Earth’s Own9 has many different plant based milk products including oat milk and almond milk, and is a 100% Canadian based company. And while an espresso martini or CBD latte may be on the fancier side, there are a ton of local options for drinks this summer. Local breweries include House of Funk10, 33 Acres Brewing Company11, Brassneck12, and Brewhall 13. Local coffee roasters include Moving Coffee Roastery 14 and Elysian Coffee Roasters15

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Great markets in Calgary, as well. The local produce year round is so tasty and stays fresh so long. Of course, winter there are fewer choices but the root vegetables are a staple for me. As well, there are greenhouses for tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc. My concern about those is the amount of heat needed, environmentally sound? But, they are much tastier and fresher than if you were to choose those same vegetables which are shipped from the States and which have lost much of their nutrient value during the ship time. Consider the environmental cost for transportation as well. Buy Canadian for your health and for the environment